Road Captains

Road Captains are among our hardest working members, spending time to plan and pre-ride routes to great destinations. We would like to thank each and every Road Captain for making our chapter riding so fulfilling. And if we get lost, there will be great stories to tell! Again, thank you Road Captains.

Head Road Captain - Richie Smith

Assistant Head R/C - Ray Robidoux

Worcester H.O.G Road Captains

Alan Froslie
Alan Shea
Arthur Pond
Bruce Smyth
Chet Chludenski
Chet McDonald
Ed McDonald
Jim Evans
Jim Perry
Ken Corey
Ken Karey
Kevin Colbath
Mark Audet
Mark Zibel
Paul Gunnerson
Ray Robidoux
Roy Mikkelsen
Richie Smith

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