Historical Marker Challenge

Historical Marker Challenge

Weekly Bonus Challenge #9:  Doughboy Monument - Marlborough, MA

Photos must be taken and submitted: August 25th to September 4th

What:  Self-guided rides to any official historical markers/landmarks you encounter on your Harley travels.  Take a photo of yourself and/or your bike with the historical marker and submit for points.  Weekly Bonus locations are all in Massachusetts, but all other submissions from any state or country are accepted and encouraged.

When:  June 30th through September 4th (to include Labor Day Weekend)


  1. Must be a photo of you and/or your bike AND the actual marker / monument / statue – no photos of some statue way off in the distance – no photos of a photo of a monument
  2. Photos MUST be submitted via email to:  challenge@worcesterhog.com 
  3. Submission must include your name, the date, the monument/site name, the name of the town & state where found
  4. Any photos submitted for more than 1 person must include the names of everyone included in the photo to be counted
  5. One point will be awarded for each unique historical site submitted. 
    1. Please submit only 1 photo per site.
    2. No need and no points awarded for the marker and the statue and the house, etc.
  6. Most photos can be submitted at any time during the duration of the challenge.  See Weekly Bonus Challenge below for exception to this rule.
  7. For ideas or help finding any markers, the Historical Marker Database lists thousands of markers/sites in Massachusetts alone.
    1. You are welcome to add photos of historical markers from anywhere your Harley travels take you during July and August.
    2. You can find the Historical Marker Database at:  www.hmdb.org

Weekly Bonus Challenge Rules 

  1. Each week by Friday evening come back to this page to find the Bonus Challenge for the coming week - Saturday to the following Sunday.
    1. The Weekly Bonus Challenge photo will be right at the top of this page.
  2. The Bonus Challenge is for a specific marker in the Central Massachusetts area and can only be earned within that specific window.
  3. The windows intentionally overlap -- to give you two weekends to earn each bonus and to give you options each weekend.
  4. Each Bonus Challenge will earn 5 points.
  6. If you happen to get lucky and submit one of the Bonus Challenge markers prior to the week it appears you will still be awarded the 5 points once that week arrives.


Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all for the overwhelming support!

Over 1,600 photos ... and over 1,200 emails!!

I'm already thinking of ways to make it more interesting and challenging for next summer.